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After long experience of continuous innovation and development in silicone roll coverings by Vintex Rubber Industries and working closely with our valuable customers.

Our expert staff of R&D laboratory i.e.,“VINLAB” has put into practice the Quality Control department; we design and manufacture wide range of silicon coverings according to the needs and demand of the customers.

VINSIL™ are our customized excellent quality tested series of compounds which are skillfully and efficiently used in Holography, Corona Treatment, Tape Plant, Poly coating, Garmex, M.D.O NIP roller for Film Plant, Epoxy Coating etc. with hardness between 15° to 98° shore A.

Further to easily carry temperature up to 350°& ability of absorbing good energy, VINSIL™ series of compound produces superior mechanical properties for long endurance even in extreme conditions.

After measuring accurate dimensions and design Vintex Rollers are uniformly coated with excellent flawless finish. Our Rollers are resistance to heat, corrosion, high temperatures, & are highly durable.

Our customized compounds and its Specifications: –

VINSIL™-HG/ IX – For Holography
VINSIL™-CT/ 2Y  – For Corona treatment
VINSIL™-PC/ 3Z  – For Poly Coating
VINSIL™-EP/4A  – For Epoxy Coating (3LPE Coating)
VINSIL™ -PF/5B – For PVC Flooring
VINSIL™-HPL/6C  – For Heat and Press Lamination Machine
VINSIL™- GA  – For Garmex Machines
VINSIL™-TH – For Thermal Lamination Machines
VINSIL™-FL  – For Cast Film Line

Hardness: – 15° to 98° shore A
Concentricity: – ≤ 0.05
O.D. = ±0.10
Length – ±0.05