End Seals for Ink Chamber

In an enclosed doctor blade chamber system, the job of the end seals is to keep the coating or ink from leaking out of the ends of the chamber.  Selecting the right end seals for your application is critical to achieve proper doctor blade seating and prevent leaks.

End seals are a vital part of the chamber doctor blade system to ensure accurate doctoring results, leak tightness, less cleaning, less machine down time, less ink waste.

The application for narrow web label printing compared to wide web flexible packaging production, coating and converting applications differ considerably and so do the design & requirements on end seals.

End seals are developed and manufactured in different versions depending on the machine brand & model, Ink type, printing speed, chamber geometry, substrate, final print product, .All these are important factors for the sealing design and sealing material choice:

Version of Seals available

NEXGEN: Seal-EC : Economical Foam Seal

NEXGEN: Seal-MF : Universal Rubber Seal

NEXGEN: Seal-HS : High performance coated Seal