Impression Rubber Roller / Fibre Glass Impression Sleeves / Infeed and Outfeed Rollers/

Ink Furnishing Rollers/ Bump Roller (Foam Type)

High Speed Gravure Printing Machines demand best quality Printing Rubber Rollers. Vintex Rubber Industries is the renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of superior quality Gravure Printing Rubber Rollers for the Plastic & Flexible Packaging Industry.

Impression Rollers used in gravure printing machines should be highly precise and resistant to solvents and chemicals that come in contact with it. That is why, our Impression Rubber Roller compounds are designed with Solvent resistant polymers and Anti Static properties.

Our Specialty Rollers for Gravure machines are:-

Impression Sleeves: Vintex together with North West Rollers Co, United Kingdom.

Manufacturing Impression sleeves for Printing machines. The beauty of our sleeves is that, it is fully conductive including Fibre Base and the taper inside the Sleeve is as per International Standards.

Bump Roller ( Mirco-Cell, Foam Type Roller) : Is preferred by the OEM and users for their Auto Slicing Unit in printing and lamination machines.

Ink Furnishing Roller : Our Special Ink Furnishing Rollers are designed to resist Solvents like Ethyl, Toluene (upto 25%), MEK etc and give excellent Ink Transfer to the smallest Cells in Gravure Cylinder. These rollers are available in two types of Rubber Surface: Plain and Laser Engraved.