Vintex Rubber Industries specializes in made to order designs and compounds. We provide complete rubber roller assemblies to fulfill the requirement of our customers. Our in-house procedures make us highly competitive from complete design, to our engineering expertise in roller design, till final inspection to delivery.  We maintain excellent quality standards for our customers, resulting in minimum rejection rate.

Our rubber rollers are made of custom-made superior quality material like Nitril, E.P.D.M, Neoprene, Hypalone, Silicone for Offset, Gravure, Flexo, Lamination, Slitters Coating line, Holography, Garmex, Solventless Lamination and for Corona Treatment.

Our Capacity

5000-6000 rollers per month
Covered area more than 30,000 Sq. Ft.
Weight capacity up to 5 tones
Hardness ranging from 10° to 100°
Tolerance up to 10 microns on rubber OD

Vintex Rollers offers various after sale services for Rubber Rollers: quick re-rubberization, grooving, crowing, repair, balancing, grinding and more. Vintex also has a vast variety of roll covering choices, have proved themselves in every application of reliability, endurance, performance, consistent quality, customer satisfaction are as important to them as they are for customers. Vintex roll coverings are confirmed to be “The BEST VALUE” for printing and packaging industry, and that goes beyond just roll coverings.

Our team has years of experience behind them, they have been tasked to re-engineer the product line & enhance the image of our rubber rollers in India as well as international market. We strive to produce a quality product that meets and exceeds the market needs & demands.

With equal contribution our workforce is working with latest productive technologies to ensure that we are able to deliver what we promise.

Why Vintex?

Our procedures & infrastructures are mature enough to be able to quickly accommodate your demands & requirements

We are ISO 9001:2000 certified, trustworthy and consistently deliver what we promise

Sufficient human resources, with over 100 employees, to quickly staff the purchase order with qualified personnel

Rigorous inspection of durability, breakage or problem, to maintain the standard quality of the products

High levels of customer satisfaction with value added services which has led to growth rate of 15-20% annually

Our performance record adds credibility to our ability to deliver as promised at very competitive price and with excellent after sales services